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Technical Piping and Service Corporation specializes in engineering, designing and installing pipeline distribution systems for industrial gases, chemicals, liquid cryogens and fuels. 

TPS Corp. has over 35 years of experience in the installation of vacuum jacketed pipe, high density foam insulated pipe, stainless steel, and copper as well as black pipe installations.

TPS Corp. has been called upon to service and install cryogenic vessels and piping systems for distribution of products in a gaseous and liquid stage in various applications such as: distributor pumping stations, customer filling stations, medical applications, food processing, oxygen enrichment, bulk propane/butane systems, steam, chemical and fuel gas systems as well as many other special applications.

TPS Corp. also handles a complete line of manifolds and accessories to service the cryogenic and compressed gas industry.

Call us today for the service you cannot afford to be without!

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